UPDATE: July 4th, 2016 marks the beginning of implementation of the Alberta Wetland Policy. You can visit Alberta Environment and Parks to learn more about how your company may be affected. 

What is Quad Road?

Quad Road enables your ATV's to access remote sites reliably and safely.

Designed for oilfield and recreational use, Quad Road permits ATV access while virtually eliminating rutting, soil compaction and other damage to sensitive grass and turf. Each Quad Road mat is 6' wide by 8' long and connects on all four corners with specially designed metal brackets. These brackets allow the Quad Road to conform to the terrain its laid on, permitting ATVs easy access over wetlands and ecologically sensitive terrain. 

Rupert's Crossing - Little Sundance Provincial Park

Rupert's Crossing - Little Sundance Provincial Park


Net Worth Television with Terry Bradshaw

Quad Road was featured on an episode of "Net Worth with Terry Bradshaw". The segment highlights how Quad Road has helped in the private and public sector to reduce the impact of ATVs in the wetlands.

Quad Road product as featured in a segment of Net Worth Television with Terry Bradshaw.


Quad Road Bridge

Our customers asked us if Quad Road would float - we weren't sure, so we decided to see if it could! We used prototype flotation modules strung out a section across a pond. Does it work? Watch the video to find out!

Quad Road Flotation Trial