Quad Road is a proactive, simple solution for the oil and gas industry in Alberta seeking to minimize ATV wetland damage for regulatory compliance.

Quickly Assemble and Disassemble ATV Tracks for Remote Sites for Faster Access While Protecting the Alberta Wetlands’ Ecologically Sensitive Terrain.

Quad Road makes compliance effortless while making your remote sites safer and more efficient all year round.

  • SMART COMPLIANCE SOLUTION for the Alberta Wetland Policy allowing easy ATV access to and from sites while minimizing your impact on protected plants and terrain in the wetlands.

  • BOOST EMPLOYEE SAFETY for your on-site teams with stable tracks and ground support at wells and on connecting roads for access – eliminate the dangers of ruts and road damage for safer, faster transportation.

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN 6’ x 8’ mats made from lightweight, portable timber with slats to allow vegetation growth avoiding dead spots, while metal brackets allow for quick assembly and disassembly for reuse elsewhere.

  • MADE IN CANADA with pride by our experienced team in Edson, AB with lodgepole pine certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, Quad Road is a local, sustainable, and environmentally conscious solution for oil and gas

Peace of Mind

“I was always worried about one of our operators having a heart attack pulling their machine out of the mud on the way to site. Having Quad Road installed gives me some peace of mind.”

Lead Operator, CNRL

Place it Anywhere

“Fav feature…the ability to place it anywhere and ability to add to it easily.”

Assistant Foreman, Cenovus Energy


“[Quad Road] Keeping our guys out of the mud is great, and the wear and tear on the environment is kept to a minimum – its win-win.”

Production Supervisor, XTO Energy

Quad Road is an All-in-One Solution for Oil and Gas

  • Prevent soil erosion

  • Eliminate rutting

  • Reduces reclamation costs

  • Stop soil compacting

  • Avoid damage to vegetation

  • Boost worker productivity

Nature is as wild as she is beautiful, and getting to, from, and between your sites often means an arduous journey through treacherous terrain – and finding a route that minimizes your environmental impact and consequent impact on your profits.

Quad Road is a proactive modular portable matting solution that makes access faster, safer, and easier for your team. At the same time, it also protects the ecosystem underfoot so you can better meet the extensive regulations set out in the Alberta Wetland Policy.

Weighing in at just 150 pounds, each 6’ by 8’ pad has metal brackets on each corner to quickly create tracks and site walkways that can be disassembled and reused elsewhere as required.

The design of the pads also features slats, which allows vital sunlight and nutrients to filter through to the underlying ground while protecting the fragile ecosystem no matter how much ATV use rolls on top.

Whether the permafrost of mid-January or the long, hazy days of August, Quad Road’s ergonomic design protects nature while boosting your on-site team’s safety and efficiency with better tracks to and from even the remotest of sites.

Boost Your Remote Site Infrastructure as Early as Next Season

Quad Road is used by industry, government, and not-for-profit businesses across Alberta to solve some of the most common issues that arise when working in the backcountry.

Have you got questions? We’ll be more than happy to answer them and show you how Quad Road can solve your current problems the easy way.

Contact us today to find out more about how Quad Road can help your company to meet your legal requirements better while benefiting from the multiple infrastructural and safety improvements that it provides.